Taking in something that your vehicles spit out is not something that doesn’t appeal. Then why is it that the world has to struggle to get smokers to understand that this is something akin to what is being done when one decides to smoke? There have been so many campaigns that aim at getting people to forgo the act of smoking and even though it does seem to makes difference, there is a long way to go in getting the desired effect, which is to get everyone to quit this act. From the dead serious slogans to the ones that would tickle you, there are whole selections of anti smoking slogans that are being churned out at unfailing intervals by the different lobbyists.

The slogans that are being created are usually precise and try to get the point across in as less words as possible considering that there are whole lots of marketing activities that try to vie for everyone’s attention. One the challenges that these lobbyists face are that the cigarette production corporations are constantly trying to make smoking look cool. Some of them are very innovative not to mention funny. Here are some of them. Someone is going to die today. You decide how you choose yours. Another one that has recently been part of a high visibility campaign is, it may be cool to smoke, but not being around to act it definitely a bummer. If one, care to notice, the main aim in these slogans is to let the users and the public know the harsh realities of smoking and it is after effects. There are other types of campaigns too. One of the most effective ones is the ones that emphasize on the financial implications of taking up this dreadful activity. From bearing the cost of the product and when it is done on a daily basis it is not something we can ignore when we get to know that the common man who get by with a daily wage income, struggling to make ends meet spend a significant amount in trying to satiate their need for smoking.

anti-smoking-sloganMany smokers say that it’s not something they have a choice anymore once they start it. This is because once bitten this is definitely not a case of being twice shy. In addition, one doesn’t have to wait to check the internet to come up with campaign slogans. They can also make up their own and who knows, yours could be the one that finally makes the crucial difference.

It is very important to make people aware of harmful effects of smoking as it has effected some or the other in more than one way. Anti smoking slogans play a crucial role in spreading such awareness? It has a great share in both premature and preventable death worldwide. As per the available data 440,000 deaths annually in US and 105,000 deaths annually in the UK are simply caused by smoking related diseases. It reduces the life expectancy by 10 to 12 years of the smoker. It causes various symptoms which are visible too like leathery skin and yellow teeth, but the effects, not so visible account for the dangerous ones. Both the passive and active smoking is harmful, especially for the children suffering from asthma. Passive smoking is even more dangerous. Some serious consequences are noticed if while smoking, smoke enters in the asthmatic children’s lungs.

A slogan is a phrase or motto used as an expression of some idea or a purpose. Slogans for smokers or cigarettes are good tool used for the promotion of ideas such as ‘quit smoking’. They have a variety, targeted at different groups. Catchy slogans tend to draw attention and can be made from interesting by including pictures. These slogans target all age. Cool slogans for the youngsters are helpful too and are used in libraries of colleges, walls and notice boards of classes. Funny ones are targeted for the teens, who think they enter a very desirable group through smoking and look cool. In actual this is the age group which needs to be more severely considered. People who start to smoke at such an early stage have no idea what they are stepping into! In such cases, they help in capturing at least some attention and help people in quitting.

There are some therapies and treatments for the smokers to bring them back on the right track and reduce their smoking, if not full quitting, some slogans emphasize on such therapies and is very advantageous to ones who rethink after reading it. Smoking is becoming dangerous day after day. Cancer is linked to smoking too that includes stomach cancer, mouth, and throat and pancreas cancer. But one can turn around these dangerous facts and make a huge difference to your life and health. So next times you go through a campaign, re read it again and think at least once.